Continues Band Sealer Machine

MODEL-KY-6(Band Sealer machine)

Continuous Band sealer Machines are suitable for sealing individual pouches & Automatic Bag Sealing. This Machine is Ideal for heat sealing of laminated & Non Laminated Pouches. Suitable for on line operation with Sealing machines for mass production. This machine is used for sealing various Types of pouches and it is a best sealing equipment to be widely used in seed processing units, pharmaceuticals, food & groceries, chemical industries,dairy, cosmetic in online and offline packaging of respective product range.


→ The Band-Sealers Are Suitable For Individual Bag Sealing And adopt electronic constant Temperature control System and speed transmission mechanism use for machine industry chemical industry hardware industry medical industry etc.

→ Vertical model band sealer

→ PMDC Motor (variable Speed) MMC electronic brand

→ 1/10 – 80

→ Screw system machine

Technical Specification

→ Conveyor Up Down

→ s.s 304 fabrication and touch parts total 304

→ Double display temperature 50 350 select company

→ Single phase

→ Alcon switch

→ Mcb for the safety machine

→ Cooling fan

→ Pouch height 2.2 to 12

→ Machine total part Chrome Plated

→ Sealing: 12 mm

→ Conveyor Load: 6kg

→ Conveyor Length: 125 X 1565

→ Body Dimension L X W X H: 800 X 360 X 660

→ Weight: 38kg