Continuous Band Sealer Machine

MODEL-KY-6(Band Sealer machine)

Continuous Band sealer Machine are suitable for sealing individual pouches & Automatic Bag Sealing. Continuous Band sealer Machine is Ideal for heat sealing of laminated & Non Laminated Pouches. Suitable for on line operation with Sealing machines for mass production. Continuous Band sealer Machine is used for sealing various Types of pouches and it is a best sealing equipment to be widely used in seed processing units, pharmaceuticals, food & groceries, chemical industries,dairy, cosmetic in online and offline packaging of respective product range.


→ Continuous Band sealer Machine Are Suitable For Individual Bag Sealing And adopt electronic constant Temperature control System and speed transmission mechanism use for machine industry chemical industry hardware industry medical industry etc.

→ Vertical model band sealer

→ PMDC Motor (variable Speed) MMC electronic brand

→ 1/10 – 80

→ Screw system machine

Technical Specification

→ Conveyor Up Down

→ s.s 304 fabrication and touch parts total 304

→ Double display temperature 50 350 select company

→ Single phase

→ Alcon switch

→ Mcb for the safety machine

→ Cooling fan

→ Pouch height 2.2 to 12

→ Machine total part Chrome Plated

→ Sealing: 12 mm

→ Conveyor Load: 6kg

→ Conveyor Length: 125 X 1565

→ Body Dimension L X W X H: 800 X 360 X 660

→ Weight: 38kg