Manual Impulse Sealing Machine Manual Impulse Sealing Machine

1. Afford ability, Manual Pneumatic Impulse Sealing Machine are relatively cheap compared to Automatic Sealing Machine, making them accessability to small Business & individuals with limited budget.
2. Portability :These Machines are Lightweight & compact, making them easy to move & store.
3. Easy to use : Manual Pneumatic Impulse Sealing Machines are Simple to Operate & Require minimal Training, Making them suitable for Both Novice & Experienced users.
4. Pneumatic Machine use for Filament Wire Silicon Rubber on of which MS Sheets 16 gag Pipe.
5) These Pneumatic Sealing Machine give 5 Stops per/minute of Cylinder.
6) Pneumatic Sealing Dimension 5mm to 10mm PVC, LD, Pouch. Machine use for Phrma, Agriculture, Powder, Namkeen Plant etc.

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